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One Healing Treatment

In this signature treatment, you will experience a combination of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Swedish modalities, as well as Reiki.  Each session is tailored to the individual client and may include breath-work, positive affirmation dialog, guided imagery, and somatic experiencing.  The One Healing treatment pinpoints areas of the body where there are pent-up emotions stored in the tissues, and facilitates a release of past traumas and negative energy.  The goal is to break through emotional scars that can block energy and lead to physical as well as psychological pain.  Addressing your body, mind, and spirit - your ‘one’ - allows for profound release to take place.  You must examine all parts of the whole, as change to one directly affects the others.



Shiatsu is a Japanese technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is essentially acupuncture using thumbs and fingers instead of needles.  In TCM, it is taught that the body has invisible lines of energy-meridians-running through it.  When there is dis-ease in the body, it is an indication of energy stagnation or deficiency.  Both Shiatsu and Acupuncture aim to restore balance and a harmonious flow of chi, thereby facilitating the healing process.  Shiatsu applies pressure along specific vital points on the meridians to stimulate the flow of energy. A Shiatsu session is working simultaneously on the muscles as well as the meridians, and may include gentle stretches, tapotment (tapping), and range of motion exercises.


Deep Tissue

Your body has many layers of muscle and fascia, (connective tissue).  Deep Tissue massage goes deep into the body, beyond the superficial layers, to release chronic tension and knots.  These knots, also called adhesions, can block circulation of blood, oxygen, and chi, causing pain, inflammation, and limited movement.  Deep tissue massage can physically eliminate adhesions, removing pain and restoring vitality.


Sports Massage

This is focused massage.  Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques are applied to a specific muscle group or area related to athletic performance.  Often, assisted stretches are incorporated.  Sports massage can decrease the chance of injury, improve strength & flexibility, and shorten recovery time between workouts by helping the body get rid of irritant metabolic waste produced during exercise.

Prenatal Massage

For the mommy-to-be. Pregnancy is a beautiful, sacred time in a woman's life, but it may be accompanied by discomfort. One Healing employs the side posture technique to soothe sore muscles and promote a general sense of well-being.